It is a well known fact that the only constant in life is Change! The pace of development in the new millennium can best be described as a new page of history being written before yesterday’s ink is even dry! Modern education is all about helping the child to realize and explore his potentialities and latent talents. We want our students to have the capability and confidence to combine reverence for our rich traditions along with an espousal of liberal values, to move along with, even ahead of the times by having a commitment to progressive ideas, and to have the courage and foresight to think differently.

That we have succeeded in our mission is proven by the manifold success stories scripted by our students who are serving today in a number of arenas of human affairs. We are sure that our students of yesterday, today and tomorrow will carry forward the motto of love and unity entrusted in their hands at Rajendra Lohia Vidya Mandir. We hope that they will always do well in their studies and keep up the high values they have learnt at their alma mater. With all my love, best wishes and blessings to our dear children!

Rajendra Lohia Vidya Mandir
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