We are delighted that you have chosen Rajendra Lohia Vidya Mandir (RLVM) for your child’s future. My father, the late Rajendra Lohia, was dedicated to providing the best education possible for Hathras children. RLVM was built in his memory.

Being the new Manager of the School, I can assure you that the moment the child enters the gates of RLVM, they will realise that this is the school where they will be able to achieve their full potential. We groom and nurture children in a way that they can stride into the adult world confidently, responsibly and independently.

We have a great facility in the heart of Hathras. We plan to make it even better. In the next session, along with improvements in academic excellence, RLVM Management has decided to build a state of the art sports facilities for students. Sports can teach things that cannot be taught via books. It teaches teamwork, how to win honourably, how to lose graciously, time management and how to stay calm under pressure.

Initiatives are also being implemented to allow students to fit into the global society. RLVM is:

The RLVM management, teachers and staff all thank you for choosing RLVM. You have chosen well. Everyone at RLVM is dedicated to providing outstanding education for your child.

Rajendra Lohia Vidya Mandir
Basant View, Aligarh Road HATHRAS – 204101 (U.P.)

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