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International Policy

  1. Rajendra Lohia Vidya Mandir, Hathras has pledged to create global citizens not only sensitive to the vast diversity of the globe, but has also pledged to engender in them a deep and abiding respect for the same. The school endeavours to create among the students and the teaching community, an awareness of their own pivotal place in the world order, and the desire to contribute to the development of the same. With these as the broad guidelines, Rajendra Lohia Vidya Mandir endeavours through the IRLVM programme:

    1. To encourage a respect for and appreciation of the ethnic and a cultural diversity of the world.
    3. To inculcate the growth of sensibility to issues related to environment and sustainable growth along with other issues of global concern.
    4. To engender among students, the ability to view themselves as integral and pivotal instruments of global change.
    5. To work with partner schools in order to enhance the above through goal oriented and purposeful interactions and projects on a myriad subjects related to every element of sameness or diversity of their respective countries.
    6. To comprehend the dynamics of international interdependency.
    7. To develop among students, the confidence that is gained through deep comprehension and knowledge when barriers are broken and horizons widened.
    8. Setting Goals & Hard work


    Globalisation is the keyword today. It is our belief at Sapience that cutting across boundaries, sharing ideas are some of the ways in which people can reach out their hand and understand one another. The school has been assured of the active support of various European Educational Foundations, in promoting interaction with European Educational Institutions. Students wishing to study abroad will be helped to prepare themselves for meeting the requisite entrance qualification. Scholarship may be awarded to the outstanding amongst them. Student and Teacher Exchange programmes with other countries like Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

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