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Code of Conduct for Teachers


        The code of Conduct for the teachers of the school shall be as follows:

        1.1     No teacher shall: 

        1. knowingly or wilfully neglect his/her duties;
        2. propagate through his/her teaching lessons or otherwise, communal or sectarian outlook, or incite or allow any student to indulge in communal or sectarian activity;
        3. discriminate against any student on the ground of caste, creed, language, place of origin, social and culture background or any of them;
        4. indulge in, or encourage, any form of malpractice connected with examination or any other school activity;
        5. make any sustained neglect in correcting class-work or home-work done by students;
        6. while being present in the school, absent him/her (except with the previous permission of the Head of the school) from the class which he/she is required to attend;
        7. remain absent from the school without leave or without the previous permission of the Head of the school: Provided that where such absence without leave or without the previous permission of the Head of the school is due to reasons beyond the control of the teacher, it shall not be deemed to be a breach of the code of conduct if, on return to duty, within 3 days, the teacher has applied for and obtained, ex. post facto, the necessary sanction for the leave.
        8. accept any job of a remunerative character from any source other than the school or give private tuition to any student or other person or engage him/her in any business;
        9. prepare or publish any book or books, commonly known as keys, or assist, whether directly or indirectly, in their publication;
        10. engage himself/herself as a selling agent or canvasser for any publishing firm or trader;
        11. ask for or accept (except with the previous sanction of the President) any contribution, or otherwise associate himself/herself with the raising of any funds or make any other collections, whether in cash or in kind, in pursuance from the members of any association of teachers;
        12. enter into any monetary transactions with any student or parent; nor shall he/she exploit his/her influence for personal ends; nor shall he/she conduct his/her personal matters in such a manner that he/she has to incur a debt beyond his/her means to repay;
        13. apply for a job anywhere without obtaining prior permission in writing, from the President;
        14. accept, or permit any member of his/her family or any other person acting on his/her behalf to accept, any gift from any student, parent or any person with whom he/she has come into contact by virtue of his/her position in the school.

          (a)    The expression gift shall include free transport, boarding, lodging or other service or any other pecuniary advantage when provided by any person other than a near relation or personal friend having no dealing with him/her in connection with the school.

          Note: A casual meal, lift or other social hospitality of a casual nature shall not be a gift.

          (b)    On occasions, such as, weddings, anniversaries, funerals or religious functions when the making of a gift is in conformity with the prevailing religious or social practice, a teacher may accept gift if the value thereof does not exceed Rs 25/- (Twenty Five).

        15. practice, or incite any student to practice, casteism, communalism or untouchability;
        16. cause, or incite any other person to cause, any damage to school property;
        17. behave, or encourage or incite any student, teacher or other employee to behave, in a rowdy or disorderly manner in the school premises;
        18. be guilty of, or encourage, violence, or any conduct which involves moral turpitude;
        19. be guilty of misbehaviour or cruelty towards any parent, guardian student, teacher or other employee of the school;
        20. organise or attend any meeting during the school hours except where he/she is required, or permitted by the Head of the school to do so;

        1.2 every teacher shall:

        1. be punctual in attendance and in respect of his/her class-work and also for any other work connected with the duties assigned to him/her by the Head of the school;
        2. abide by the rules and regulations of the school and also show due respect to the constituted authority. Nothing contained in sub-rule (1) shall be deemed to take away or abridge the right of a teacher:-
        3. to appear at any examination to improve his/her qualification;
        4. to become, or to continue to be, a member of any literary, scientific or professional organization;
        5. to Whom It May Concern: make any representation for the redress of any genuine grievance, subject to the condition that such representation is not made in any rude or indecorous language;Provided prior permission is obtained from the President through Head of the school.

          The Breach of any condition specified in Para 1 & 2 above shall be deemed to be a breach of the Code of Conduct.

        The following acts shall constitute breach of code of conduct:

        1. Habitual late coming and negligence of duty.
        2. Use of abusive language, quarrelsome and riotous behaviour.
        3. Insubordination and defiance of lawful order.
        4. Disrespectful behaviour, rumour mongering and character assassination.
        5. Make false accusation or assault either provoked or otherwise.
        6. Use of liquor or narcotics on the school premises.
        7. Embezzlement of funds or misappropriation of School property or theft or fraud.
        8. Mutilation/ destruction of School Records and property.
        9. Conviction by a court of law for criminal offence.
        10. Possession in School premises of weapons, explosives and other objectionable material.
        11. Indulging in or encouraging any form of malpractice connected with examination or other School Activities.
        12. Obstructing other members of the staff from lawful duties and indulging in any sort of agitation to coerce or embarrass the School authorities.
        13. Disturbing the smooth functioning of the School or maligning the Administration and School Management by indulging in anti-institutional activities. Any such act, even that of a friend or a family member of an employee, whereby the school administration is threatened, coerced and an attempt is made to pull down the image of the school, within or outside the premises of the Academy will constitute a breach of code of conduct and entail severe disciplinary action.
        14. Divulging confidential matters relating to School.
        15. Carrying on personal monetary transactions among themselves, with the students and/or with the parents.
        16. Taking active part in politics.
        17. Propagating through teaching lessons or otherwise communal or sectarian outlook or inciting or allowing any student to indulge in communal or sectarian activity.
        18. Making sustained neglect in correcting class work or homework.
        19. Taking private tuitions without permission of the Head.
        20. Absenting from work even though present in the school premises or remaining absent without leave.
        21. Preparing or publishing any book or books commonly known as keys or assist whether directly or indirectly in their publication or as a selling agent or canvasser for any publishing firm or trader.
        22. Asking for or accept; except with the previous sanction of the Managing, any contribution or associate himself with the raising of funds of any kind or make any collection whether in cash or in kind, in pursuance of aims and objects whatsoever, except subscription from the member of any association of teachers.
      3. The Code of Conduct specified for Teachers shall apply to other employees of the Academy also, which includes the Head/Principal, Administrative Staff and Support Staff.

      5. Breach of Code of Conduct, of one or more of its provisions, is an offence and, therefore, punishable. An employee found guilty of a breach of Code of Conduct will face disciplinary action.

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